Lou Tisch

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Posted by Lou Tisch on September 30, 2001 at 11:34 a.m.:

I've been hunting since I was 10 years old and got into duckhunting in '81 and have made that my life.
I've been involved in this forum since just after it's beginning and it has been highly rewarding for me. I've met and been helped by many terrific people.
Below is a bios I did for MUCC this year for seminar background. Should have posted this info a long time ago but just kept forgetting......no age jokes on that now.

Lou Tisch is 54 years old and has been married for 32 years. He has two boys, Brian (31) and Patrick (18) with two granddaughters from Brian & Emma (Brian’s wife)…Ashley (4) and Laura (11 months). Both of his boys hunt and fly fish with him and that makes the world go around for him.

Lou is passionate about his duck hunting but his real “life passion” is fly fishing.

Lou (along with his wife, Anne) owns and operates Lock Stock & Barrell, Inc. along with The E. Allen Decoy Company. He manufactures fiberglass duckhunting boats and a line of high density urethane foam decoys. The master patterns are carved by world class carvers. Lou (and staff) makes the molds and manufactures the decoys. There are 4 styles of boats right now and over 50 decoys and new decoys are being added on a regular basis.

Lou originally was educated as a teacher with his bachelor and masters in Biology, minors in Chemistry and Physics and taught for ten years. He went self employed in 1978 with his wood working business and photography. In the 1981, he got into duck hunting, and it was “all over” from then on. He put his outdoor photography and writing skills to work and co-authored a bunch of articles on duck hunting as well as seminars. In 1984, Lou started his own duck hunting guide service with marsh hunts and is now currently running layout and sculling hunts.

Lou’s real “passion” is fly fishing and was given his first fly rod in 1973, hand made by a cousin for him. He’s a fly fishing and fly tying instructor for the Michigan Fly Fishing Club (MFFC) as well as Safari Club International (SCI) in SCI’s MEWS program (Michigan Educators Wilderness School). This will be Lou’s second year as facilitator for SCI and his 8th year with MFFC. He will be tying flies, in the club booth, at the Midwest Fly Fishing Show at the Southfield Civic Center the 2nd weekend in March. Lou has taken a half dozen classes from Jason & Gary Borger (his fly fishing heroes). Jason Borger was the fly fishing consultant for the movie The River Runs Through It and was the stand in double for Brad Pitt in the fishing sequences and he was the Shadow Caster on the rock, in that same movie. The classes from the Borgers’ have really fueled Lou’s fly fishing addiction.

Lou has done many articles, seminars and classes on fly fishing, fly tying and duck hunting and loves doing them. He uses a multi media approach and pulls on his teaching skills for these activities.