Jeff Hegwald

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Jeff Hegwald on October 22, 2001 at 10:55 p.m.:

I have lived in the KCKs area for 30 years. I have fished and hunted in eastern KS for 20+years. Just got into waterfowl hunting in the last 15. WISH I HAD STARTED SOONER. I worked at the local COOP the last 16 years. Took a new job for a terminal company, have been there about 16 mounths. the great thing is that I am only about 300 yards from the Missouri river. this can also be bad when a front moves through and you see hundreds of ducks and thousands of geese set down in the river and corn fields all the way around you. While you are at work. The guys on this site are a bad influence,I just got my 4 Rivers layout boat. I just guess bad habits are hard to break. I am looking forward to building my own boat as soon as time alows. I also shoot IHMSA silhouettes in the off season. I have 2 kids a daughter 12 and a son 8. So that occupies most of my time unless they give me some time off. This is a great bunch of people with some good information.