Marv Meister

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Posted by Marv Meister on November 30, 2001 at 11:17 p.m.:

I enjoy hunting, especially waterfowl hunting. It would be nice to spend more time at the sport, but working to raise a family and taking care of "honey do" projects come first. Well, the kids are grown, the house is paid for, and retirement is on the horizon! A Wisconsin native, I've waterfowl hunted the more popular places around Wisconsin, like Horicon Marsh, Sand Hill, Mead Flowage, Grand River Marsh, Wisconsin River, and up and down the mighty Mississippi River along the Wisconsin side. Recently, I've been checking out spots up and down the Central Flyway. I've taken a couple of pilgrimages to Saskatchewan, Canada to hunt snows and ducks around Yellow Grass. I've checked out the duck hunting opportunities around Devil's Lake, North Dakota and hunted snow geese in Nebraska and Iowa during the Spring Snow Goose season the past two seasons.

I have an eight year old Chocolate lab named C.C. Beans (retired) and her two year old daugther, Bhrey. I typically hunt with my brother, Bill. We manage to get around either by canoe or boat. I'm getting too old to wade far through all that boot sucking mud! The boat is a 16' Lund Deep-Vee, which I outfitted with a home-made fold-up blind made from 1/2" EMT, 1/2" mesh Nylon netting, and Fast-Grass mats tied to the netting. I just picked up a used 18' Go-Devil rig a couple of weeks ago that I'll be anxious to use it next season on the Mississippi. For ducks, I use my 3" Remington 870 and for geese, I have a 3-1/2" Benelli Super Black Eagle. It's a great gun!

Enjoy the sport and take a kid hunting!