TJ Duitsman

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Posted by TJ Duitsman on December 28, 2001 at 9:27 p.m.:

Been lurking here for some time. I spend a fair amount of time on primarily on the MI. forum.

Been hunting since age 10. My father first took me Duck hunting in 1968 along the Illinois River. Although, I reside in MI., we have maintained a lease in Havana, Ill. (Ill River bottoms) for 20 years. This fortunately allows me the ability to hunt both States.
Boat hunting in MI. and blind hunting in Ill.

My wife and I were blessed with four duaghters, ages 9 to 17. Fortunately, none of them inherited my low I.Q., and not share my passion of waterowlin'. I do have one boy, a 10 month old Lab, who was the runt of the litter; but, is presently weighing in at 88 Lb.'s. Hopefully, his growth will slow down fairly soon. I had to put his great grandfather down a few years ago. "Drake" was a tremendous duck dog, and is still missed. "Tank" is showing a great amount of promise so far.

Presently I have a 16 ft. Lowe big Jon, that I completely gutted this past winter, and re-painted, replaced the interior w/ foam, plywood and carpet. I have a full superstructure/blind with Fast Grass adhered thereto.....

I am strongly considering tackling a Devlin Mallard this winter/spring, as the Big Jon is a little cumbersome on the days I hunt by myself, and the Dawg isn't much help loading and unloading the rig.

As much as I love waterfowlin', I gain as much enjoyment out of the boats, decoys, dog, equipment, etc... Although we prepare and consume all the game I harvest, perhaps someday they will perfect "shoot and release" waterfowling, akin to fishing...?!

I've enjoyed lurking and appreciate the privledge and opportunity to be a part of this fine forum. Thanks!