Pat Mecham

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Pat Mecham on February 19, 2002 at 9:41 p.m.:

Im 40. And I hunt it all. It all starts with bowhunting Elk in the rocky mountins. Then right
into the rifle deer. I use a Buck master 70 80 LB.
bow With Eastan gamekiller carbon arrows 100grn.buzzy
bradheads.And i shoot a Ruger M77 30/06 with a 3x9 nikon scope I use fedral premi.165 gr.Then the fun starts duck hunting. My boat is a 15'jon with 20 long tail mud motor with fastgrass blind It's all Mud Buddy.I use a AQUPOD for layingout in
It works well hear not to mutch big water.I use 6doz.
ducks and 2doz.geese decoys.I shoot the benelli supper
black eagel. 3"#2 shot for ducks 31/2"bbb for gesse.When it all ends I hunt for Varmits I use
the Ruger varmit 22-250 with 55grn.bthp 6.5x24 scope.Then I fish for tigger muski all summer.