Ed Lydic

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Posted by Ed Lydic on July 1, 2002 at 10:30 p.m.:

Started Duck hunting with my dad and uncle in the mid 60's at the ripe old age of nine. Could have started at age eight but I didn't want to haul willows. hehe. Dad said in order to play you had to do the work. Hunted mostly Barkus Island in pool 17 and point blinds in pool 16 in the Mississippi river. Work took me to N.W. Arkansas from mid 80's to mid 90's. Hunted mostly open water and coves on Beaver lake in Ar. and Stockton lake in Mo. The one regret is I never did get a chance at Stutgart. Now I'm back in IL and hunting the Mighty Miss again. Ole well...Happy hunting, let em work the blocks don't leave the cripples and hunt responsibly. Remember we're in a fight to keep our hunting heritage.