Bob Welsh

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Posted by Bob Welsh on May 26, 1999 at 21:03:15:

I am 39 and have been shooting ducks since I was seven.I hunt in a club along the illinois river. I built my first boat at 14 and have been at it ever since. I had a big collection of antique boats at one time but slowly sold them off. I had a bbsb built by Nathan Rowley, a senechwine iron skiff by Charlie Perdew and a dan Kidney skiff,to name a few. I currently own 2 jon boats, lund snipe,alumnacraft ducker, Kalash one man layout,3 fiberglass skiffs,18 ft canadian light batteau(John gardeners "dory book"),20 ft lake erie sneak boat, and a 20 ft grummen double end canoe. I am in the process of building a pond box from Zack Taylors book and a pirogue from and old magazine article.
I carve working decoys after a long time working in decoratives. I get a bigger kick out of birds judging my rig than experts. I make my blocks out of white pine or cedar and paint only in oils. I started that way in 1974 and think that medium suits my style. My shooting rig of puddlers numbers about 175(see why i need all those boats) and my diver rig about a hundred.
I shoot as many days as i can (about 35) in illinois and then take the show on the road after we close.
I am a big believer in a drakes only policy in hunting and do my part in building wood duck boxes in the off season.
For me duck hunting is a way of life.