Rob Burtt

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Posted by Rob Burtt on November 24, 2002 at 7:05 p.m.:

Most Saturdays form Oct to mid Dec I pack up my black lab, Molly, and my Jon boat and leave my country home on the shore of Oromocto Lake to go into Fredericton (our provicial capitol) to hunt ducks on the Saint John river in the middle of town. I know this sounds weird but the hunting along the rivers many islands is great.
We get blacks, mallards, goldeneye, teal (greenies), and the occasional goose. We also might plug the occasional merganser strictly as a conservation measure to benefit to the atlantic salmon fishermen.
I started duck hunting in 1995 and each year I slip a little farther into the lure of the sport. I now have several duck guns (1 primary and 4 backups), I build my own foam whistler dekes and I', currently contemplating building a layout boat.

Where will it end?? (This is what my wife keeps saying)