Austin Smith

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Posted by Austin Smith on December 12, 2002 at 5:57 p.m.:

Hey to all.

My name is Austin Smith and I am 15 years of age and have been hooked on huntin for about 10 years. My uncles and cousins got me addicted. I've hunted all over north and south Alabama with a Remington 870 12 ga.(Not another gun better for the money) and been to Arkansas once but the people we were leasing from were doin illegal stuff so we got out of it. It was good duck huntin out there. Haven't really been able to kill alotta ducks yet but im still young and hopefully fixin to buy a boat and dekoys and all that stuff. I've been workin now for about 3 years with my own landscaping company and have made some good money off of it. I love to just get outdoors no matter if we come home just killin time or a whole bunch of greenheads. If its got to do with huntin i'll be there whether its fixin boat blinds or cleanin out the boat or stringin decoys....whatever i can help out. Send me an email if you want to hunt sometime. I hunt everything from deer to ducks from turkey to upland game. This forum is THE BEST huntin forum i've come encounter with. Heard about it from Bill McAdam(a duck killin machine) who has a good plan for ducks for all types of situations. Really good site. Thanks