Duck Hunters Father

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Posted by Duck Hunters Father on January 5, 2003 at 4:20 p.m.:

I am new to both your site and duck hunting. I have two young sons that have a strong desire to fire, or should I say hunt. I plan to build duck boats for my father, my kids and myself. The boats will all be built in my garage by both ribs and stick and glue. Our first boat will be the, "Kara Hummer". With this and the next boat I hope to gain the skills in woodworking to handel the stich and glue methode. All/most of the work will be done by my two young sons, ages 13, and 10, with pictures posted as we go along. This was all started by their grandfather, I just wanted to assist them in their journey. I hope to compelet all three boats and learn to,and complete a full set of decoys by the 2003 fall duck seanson here in Florida. Keep your eyes open, my boys are comming.