Kevin A Black

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Kevin A Black on March 13, 2003 at 7:10 p.m.:

Duck Hunting has been a experience from 1985, With the Legend Chris Abbott . He has to be the most dedicated person to duck hunting from Wickham New Brunswick. The weather has nothing in common with him, rain , sleet , snow or otherwise means nothing, let's go hunting is his moto.
We have in the past guided down shore in St Andrews after EIder Ducks. Minus 40 meant to us the duck hunting should be good.
My son Adam has been hunting with us since he was 8 years olds and is now 16 and has shot many a duck.The story to be told is that together we have had many a good hunt's and many more to come .
I have to tell about one mourning in Wickham Chris and I went into a spot (Have to shoot you if I told where)Before we got the decoys out we had shot a limit of Blacks and Mallords ! We never had time to put out decoys out they came, they came ,they came, it was one of those mourning's , may never happen again but we were there ! So the moral of the story is when you have a good Partner you better not let him outshoot you!

Kevin Black, New Brunswick.