Chris Abbott

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Chris Abbott on March 13, 2003 at 7:26 p.m.:

This story tells about a great Goose hunt in St Stephen New Brunswick. It was Oct 15 2002 opening day down shore for ducks ans geese. We had a spot in the village setup for the mourning. Richard McConkey and his daughter Brook, myself ,Adam and Kevin Black.
Daylight came and so did the Geese. 8 birds taken and what a day ! We have been hunting with Richard for many year's and he has alway's shown us the duck's and Geese . We hunt the fast water's for Whistler's duck's and alway's have a hunt no matter what.
Outdoor fire cook's Deersteak, moose and duck .
, in the Maritimes we have it all, so next time you think of a hunt Canada is the way to go.