SooLayoutHunter: Matt aka Sully

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Posted by SooLayoutHunter: Matt aka Sully on March 27, 2003 at 11:00 p.m.:

I am a Waterfowl Junkie!!! I just cant get enough! I grew up in southern Michigan and have hunted all over the state. I soley hunt Ducks and Geese, and I usually put in 90+ days a year. I have been doing a bit of guiding for the last couple of seasons, and enjoy introducing new hunters to this awesome addiction. In the off season I build custom aluminum blinds, customize,and paint duck boats, I also repair and rebuild outboards. I have been visiting the forum since 1997 but I have not really done alot of posting, Hopefully I can get more active on the board soon, and I will try to post a few pics of my rigs shortly!