Jason Flowers (Mallard Missile)

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Posted by Jason Flowers (Mallard Missile) on July 11, 2003 at 1:59 a.m.:

I am really from Tennessee and learned to duck hunt from my Dad at Reelfoot Lake and got my first duck there 12/23/1986 at age 11 with a single shot 20 gauge and that greenhead is on the wall! Dad said the first duck goes on the wall! For my 13th birthday Dad and Mom gave me my Remington 870 express 3in. that I still use today. Dads other deal was that at the age of 18 you pay your own way and I decided that subwoofers and dates were more important than a hunting permit. Then last year I purchased a Choc. Lab and named him Jason's Big Gunner Flowers. We named him Gunner because a hunting buddy of ours who died of lukemia had a great dog named Gunner. I started to train him to retreve and people told me that there was good hunting in my new home state of NE. All I had was a gun, a pair of waders, a gortex/tinsulate coat, the know how that dad taught me about duck hunting and the duck and goose calls that my Dad had given me and I never learned to use. Now at the begining of Sept. I bought a doz. dekes and praticed blowing my duck call by watching a Duck Commander Video that Dad had sent. Sept23 my wife bought me 12 more dekes and then just a bit past midnight on sept 28th (opening day) I used teraserver to look at satilite photos of where I was going to hunt that very day. Never been ther in my entire life I set out early to beat everyone else out there and that I did. Into the dark woods I trudged with my 24 dekes and gun heading in the direction the satilite photos showed water. I got there and no water! It was a dry year! Disapointed I went back to the truck to go home. 1/2 a mile down the road I noticed that there were trucks at another of the parking areas that were not there when I went by earlier. They scouted! They found water! So I jumped into my waders, put the dekes on my back, grabed my gun, and headed down the trail. I noticed another hunter pull in and waited for him to come down the trail. I asked where there was still water and he said follow me. As we walked down the trail we heard a few shots fired and as I said it must be shooting time we heard woodies fly over head. All I ever wanted was a wood duck! He pointed into the woods and went on down the trail. I went where he said to go and there was water. Two inches of water but I thought I can make this work! I put out 6 dekes and hid in the brush. I waited and waited calling at nothing and was not seeing anything. Then with whisling wings a teal landed in the decoys. I jumped up and droped her and I was hooked again!!!! By the end of the season I acumulated 70 duck decoys, 28 goose decoys, 4 goose shells, and my wife got me a 12' jon boat with a pop up blind, 6hp motor, troling motor, and trailer for Christmas. What a season! I guess I should write a book! I'm sorry but it is duck hunting!!!!!!!!!

"Bringing them down with a HEAT SEEKER!"

Mallard Missile