Bill Hoevel

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Posted by Bill Hoevel on February 24, 2004 at 10:04 p.m.:

I was lucky enough to be introduced to duck hunting by my best friend's father in high school. He was from New Foundland and said up there are only two seasons, Duck Season and Waiting for Duck Season. The man could really talk duck, I wish I had the ear to be half as good. We hunted the pools on the Mississippi north of St. Louis and the potholes along the Missouri in St. Louis county.

These days I mostly hunt the state wade-and-shoot areas, tried the duck club thing for a while, great guys, but just too limited and couldn't hunt with my brothers there. Since I'm in my 50's the idea of a marsh boat sounds better all the time. Could also be the fact we seem to drag more stuff with us each time. I'm building a Gator Boats "Croc" with my grandson, mainly to run my old outboards on (my wife says'so many hobbies, so little time', but it may end up painted camo. It's great to see so many central Missouri guys on this board, I'll bet I've rubbed elbows with some of them at The Bluffs or Grand Pass.

Anyone who needs help with motors, especially older ones, feel free to e-mail me.