Tom Ryan

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Posted by Tom Ryan on April 25, 2004 at 7:43 p.m.:

I'm 18 years old and i've been duck hunting for two years now and i've gotten pretty good at it. I've got about 4 dozen decoys and my little brother and I recently bought a 14 foot aluminum jon boat and trailer from a friend for $150 dollars. It needed some work but with the help of a good neighbor it's been a lot of fun working on it every day after school since duck season is over for now. I'm very fortunate to have Eric Patterson move into the house across the street from me about 6 years ago since he's extremely nice and helpful. I've always enjoyed going over to his house and watching him build his three boats and now he's helping me with mine. I love being in the outdoors no matter what it is whether it's fishing, hunting, or just swinging from the rope swing me and a couple of friends just made down on the flint river which runs about 3 minutes away from my house. I'd have to say that my uncle got me into hunting in general when i was 8 years old but Eric got me into duck hunting, i always loved hearing his stories from his day in the field. Hopefully he'll take me up on the offer of going duck hunting together next year.