Chris Sax

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Posted by Chris Sax on June 16, 2004 at 11:41 a.m.:

Hi, my name is Chris Sax and I'm from the Oneida lake region of NY. This is a nice place to be since I live within a couple of miles of three different hunting zones. Just started my duck hunting in 2002. When my girlfriend brang me home a beautiful chocolate lab in 2001 I felt I owed it to him to take him hunting and now I'm hooked. He is showing excellent traits as a hunter to spite my early attempts to ruin him. Have mostly hunted out of a canoe so far but recently purchased a 18" lund that I will start to convert over for some diver hunting. I hope to build a small Marsh boat in the near future also. I have been lurking on this excellent site since I started duck hunting. Without anyone to "show me the ropes" the wealth of information I have gained from it has been invaluable....Thanks to all