Gregg Kurz

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Posted by Gregg Kurz on June 10, 1999 at 16:48:43:

I am a wildlife biologist in Yellowstone National Park. I am 32 years old have a wonderful wife, a great 7 year old son that loves to go hunting with dad, and a yellow lab pup named Drake's Unlimited. I am in the process of completing my house on the banks of the Yellowstone River that I have working on since April of last year. If the plans for the Devlin Mallard get here my wife may have to wait a while to have doors on all her cabinets.
I have been a waterfowl hunter for about 10 years and have hunted mostly in Wyoming, Colorado, and now Montana. I have a 1967 16' Crestliner with a Merc 500, and a 12' port-a-boat, but no dedicated duck boat as of yet. Most of my hunting is for mallards and teal and the occasional Canada goose along the Yellowstone River. I am completely addicted to this sport and love every cold,wet miserable minute of a day in the blind.