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Posted by Matt Desalernos (Matt D.) on June 12, 1999 at 14:45:09:

I read this page often but don't have time to post very often...It's my favorite spot on the net.

I'm going to copy Matus' format since it is so complete...

Matt Desalernos Age 43....Divorced one daughter 16
Email Address
Present Hometown: Nome Alaska (since 1977)
Original Hometown: Sacramento Ca.
Occupation: Civil Engineer Mining Engineer(ret.) and Dog Musher/Breeder (semi retired)
Present Occupation: Highway Design Engineer Alaska Dot.
Design roads and airports in rural alaska villages and towns
Guns: American Arms SXS 10ga, (2) 870's (12&20ga) JC Higgins 30-06; S&W 357 mag Win Lever action 22 mag
Dogs: 25 (varies but way down from 60+) Alaskan Huskies (Iditarod stock) No retrievers
Boats: Valco 18' Alum Skiff(leaks bad) w/ 40hp Suzuki Jet, 16' Aluminum skiff w/25hp evinrude prop. Canoe, plus several small boats in various states of repair/disrepair.
Devlin broadbill "in design"
Decoys: An assortment onf scrounged(gargage sale) plastics two foam swans ala Ian in the works plus an assortment of silouettes in the works.

I started waterfowling as a teenager back in California in the 70's. Packed up all my belonging and moved to Alaska in 1977 after I got fed up witht the lower 48. Never been back for more than a week or two at a time. Got away from hunting when I got involved in sled dog racing. Completed the Iditarod 10 times as well as numerous other races around Alaska.

Been mostly out of waterfowling until about 2 years ago when I toned down my racing kennel operation and finally got time to chase birds again.

My main hunting area is a brackish lagoon system about 30 miles long and 15 miles wide. Most days I will be the only waterfowler out before noon.

The primary bird that I out here is the Canada Goose. I believe the subspecies is Taverner's. Also have a large migration of sandhills and tundra swans through this area too. Ducks are primarily pintail, widgeon, teal, and bluebills. Though during the summer we also have oldsquaw and eiders along with black brant. Though legally I could choose to hunt birds here all summer,I don't, prefering to watch them until fall. Hunting here is a bit different than the lower 48. Here it is more a lifestyle. The majority of the population is Eskimo and hunting/fishing for a living is at least a part time occupation for many. It is much more like going to the grocery store than a sport.

My present quest is to find out where on the seward Penninsula the black brant stage in the fall and organize/guide a wilderness hunt for them. I am getting close to figuring this out. Also I trying to track down some king eiders for Steve far only commons have been sighted....but still looking.