Dave Simon

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Posted by Dave Simon on December 28, 2004 at 11:16 a.m.:

Avid boatbuilder and waterfowler. The only plastic in my rig is in the outboard! Current boat is a Devlin Black Brant, built in North Dakota a few years ago. Since then, the boat has been used on the prairies of North Dakota, on the Platte River and Missouri River in Nebraska, the Columbia River in Oregon, and now finally in coastal Connecticut. Have had Labs all my life, those who knew me from before may remember my dog Jack, great retriever and friend. After Jack passed away at 14, I couldn't bear to get another lab for a while and now have a German Wirehaired Retriever named Hans (Jack - John in German...) Has has the heart of a lab, but not the horsepower or personality. He gets it done, though, both upland and waterfowling. Cork decoys, many by Pete Hilliard down in New Jersey. Love diver hunting, and will be building a layout boat and a bigger Devlin (Snow Goose?) this summer. Support DU!