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Re: Lab breeders
Bill Abbate wrote:
My lab that I just lost to cancer at 9 3/4 years of age behaved the same exact way. She was a pleasure to have around. Her mother hailed from Altiquin Kennels in Leitrim, Ireland. The Irish and British lines are special dogs. They're very calm dogs and extremely eager to please. I would gladly give up 10 years of my life to have her around for another 5 years. That's how much I loved her. Best of luck with your two.

My condolences on your loss... Yeah, there is really some there, there with this retriever line. These guys are seven and eight for us. We lost one Irish origins dog (Quinn) to a brain tumor and one American line dog (Cooper) to a congenital kidney issue, at four and six YOA, respectively. Quinn was a replacement dog from Wildrose Labradors during the early era when Stuart was selling his business model rather than focusing on the soundness of his breeding program; a lesson learned the hard way that 'caveat emptor' remains sound advice. Now, we request a response on all these, as well as an age two hips and elbows score:

DRD1, OSD1, RD, RD/OSD- Clear
EIC- Clear
Canine degenerative myelopathy, DM-Clear
CNM- Clear
Dwarfism, SD2- Clear
Cerf- Clear/Normal

We're waiting on an adult hip/elbows score on this guy...and then a cross with either of two dams from CB lines.

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