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Am I a bonehead! No opening weekend for me.

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Am I a bonehead! No opening weekend for me.
Perhaps it's just as well, since we were 'blessed' with 70+ degree days and very calm breezes.
This weekend was the weekend of our home club's Agility trial, which took place on Friday-Sunday.
My wife wanted to 'claim' Duncan for the trial, but said she'd respect my wishes if I wanted to hunt with him instead of her running him. I said she could take him for Fri/Sat, but I wanted him on Sun so we could go out. Not realizing that our season was Fri/Sat ONLY and Sun started our split. So, I had her pull him from the trial on the only day I couldn't hunt!
I made a useful weekend of it, though, and got the blind installed, wiring done for the running lights and the storage seat installed. We'll, at least, be ready for the rest of the season, and, in light of our 'wonderful' weather, it looks like I didn't miss much.
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