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Catching up 3 - back to boats and decoys

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Catching up 3 - back to boats and decoys

After a long, wonderful visit from my daughter's family - who live in Berlin - I am back in the shop. Our July drought has broken and things are once again lush and healthy hereabouts.

As usual, an in-process South Bay Duckboat dominates my shop space. A new motorboard and transom drain were the first improvements.

I reinforced the existing floor frames - with 1708 and epoxy - and added 2 more intermediates made from PVC lumber. These South Bays always "oil can" a bit - so I used this opportunity to minimize the hull flexing.

I molded a new, wider and taller "XL" spray shield. The Mahogany thatch rails need sealing and priming before they get screwed on - with brass machine screws + 3M 5200 bedding.

The original floorboards could not be re-used because they had been screwed onto the frames. This weakens the plywood by perforating it. So, these new floorboards have been epoxy- sealed (2 coats) and will soon get anti-skid and paint. They will be held in place by 4 wooden turn-buttons.

I also molded a new cockpit cover - the first off my female mold. I had made all previous covers using existing covers as male molds. The interior is primed and will receive a topcoat of a gloss Seattle Grey (Pettit) so it can be easily scrubbed as needed.

Several decoy rigs are in-process - including these almost-done Beans Pintails and Mallards.

These heads include Beans and Herters and Autumn Wings. The Black Duck is a Wildfowler for my own rig. The Tundra Swan (half-size) is a Cypress door handle.

Back to work!


Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY

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I am continually amazed at the quantity and quality of projects you turn out of your shop. You must not miss a step. Me, I spend too much time head scratching. But when I get to do a project a second time, like these duck blinds, the speed of the project increases dramatically. For me it's thinking through the design that eats up time. Once that's behind nothing left to it but to do it.